Mar 30 2020The main structure of the commercial air dryer The automatic air cooling machine used for the production of fries and chips is mainly composed of a frame a fan a conveyor belt a motor a reduction motor and a PLC control system The conveyor mesh belt of this commercial air dryer can usually be designed into various forms according to the actual needs of customers Transferred by the triangle belt the electromotor drives the spiral shaft We designed according at home and abroad on the characteristic of the root vegetable processing machinery using brush theory widely Cleaning and peeling with large capacity high efficiency low energy consumption continuous cleaning easy to operation long

Microwave Dryer Mesh Belt Dryer

High Efficiency $1 999 00 - $8 999 00 / Set 1 Set Guoxin Low Price High Efficient Vegetable Dryer Machine $9 000 00 - $20 000 00 / Set 1 Set Our main products include rotary dryer continuous type mesh belt dryer drying oven and more With a wide application in industry agriculture food chemical engineering

The woven polyester filter belts as the belt filter cloth plays a crucial part in the belt filter press etc as it determines the actual output and efficiency of the filtration process The special twill weave ensures precise filtration results and smooth surface makes filter cake comes off easily the high-quality polyester monofilament yarn makes our woven mesh filter belt fabrics being

Vegetable Dehydration Machine Advantages 1 High automation easy operation functional and environmentally 2 Reliable working condition high speed low noise 3 Large capacity low energy dissipation and pollution 4 It is suitable for lots of vegetables even all of the vegetable Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Vegetable Dewatering

This type belt dryer is widely used in food industry agriculture products and by-products dehydrated vegetable dried fruit Chinese herbal medicine fish products feed and chemical industry and are suitable for drying of flaked striped cube and granule materials For food industry it is applicable to different vegetable and fruit such as root

China Large Industrial Continuous Microwave Conveyor Belt Microwave Dryer Food Dryer Fruit Dryer manufacturer / supplier in China offering Large Industrial Continuous Microwave Conveyor Belt Microwave Dryer Two Dimensional Chemical Raw Material Mixer Intelligent Low Temperature Microwave Vacuum Fruit Vegetable Dry Machine with Sterilization and Disinfectin for Food Processing

Calculation of sludge dewatering capacity of belt filter

Calculation of sludge dewatering capacity of belt filter press 1 Introduction Belt-type pressure filter sludge dewatering machine is based on chemical flocculation contact filtration and mechanical extrusion principle and made of high efficiency solid-liquid separation equipment because of its simple process high degree of automation continuous operation easy control

Vegetable And Fruit Processing Line French Fries Processing Line Chips Making Machine Freeze dryer machine Industrial Continuous CBD Extraction Mesh Belt Leaves Hemp Drying Machine Stainless Steel $29 000 00 - $37 000 00 / Set 1 Set High Efficiency $29 000 00 - $55 000 00 / Set 1 Set

FUNCTION Complex solution for green bean processing contains except main machines like bulk feeder air cleaner washer and blancher also vibrating feeders flow dividers technological buffers complex transport system (belts elevators hydraulic) electric equipment panels and wiring DESCRIPTION All machines for green bean processing is made of stainless steel

FQJ380 adopts new double floating belt conveying design widely cutting range (the 380mm width 120mm height) It can meet customers' requirements for processing different sizes and various shapes of raw materials which is suitable for fresh boneless meat like beef lamb pork chicken seafood and cooked products

Continuous Roller Conveyor Shot Blasting Machine Roller conveyor machine is mainly used for processing long and (or) flat shape of the workpiece These workpieces are continuously passed through the entering chamber the shot blasting chamber and the cleaning chamber on a special conveyor roller table The high efficiency shot wheel mounted on

That's why thousands of customers rely on Guoxin Machinery for high quality and reliability If you are looking for an energy-efficiency and environmental-protection drying machine trust Guoxin Machinery to quickly and effectively provide the help you demand Read More

Sep 13 2018Features of Microwave Vegetable Dehydrator 1 Adopt food grade stainless steel nice appearance easy to clean 2 Microwave can penetrate through the materials so that the inside and outside are heated at the same time short processing time evenly drying and thorough sterilization No extra heat loss high heat efficiency saving energy 3

The emergence of the multi-function vegetable cutting machine has greatly facilitated people's life And it has overcome the problem of hand-cut vegetables such as unhealthy uneven size large damage and high cost The invention of this machine has brought new development to high-efficiency food production

Potato / Vegetable Preparation

Years of experience with potato and vegetable processing around the world have informed the smart design of our solutions High-volume efficiency Smooth and continuous bulk processing capabilities enable high-volume capacity and a steady flow to downstream equipment while reducing downtime

500kg / H AutomaticFruit And Vegetable Processing Line Fruit And Vegetable Cleaning Machine Root Cutting Onion Processing Equipment High Efficiency With Longer Service Life Vegetable Washing Machine Chain Belt Type Continuous Automatic Fryer Machine Food Grade 30KW Adjustable Temperature

Continuous deep fat fryer with standard mesh pad mist eliminator--potato chipsc (SCC 3-02-036-01) 0 35d 0 30 0 0040d 0 19d 0 19 0 49 Continuous deep fat fryer with high-efficiency mesh pad mist eliminator--potato chipse (SCC 3-02-036-01) 0 12 ND 0 12 0 064 0 18 ND Continuous deep fat fryer with standard mesh pad mist eliminator--other snack chipsf

The invention claims a bamboo winding composite pipe is continuous winding processing process circulation steel belt in a hollow outside steel mould steel mould rotates to drive the steel belt spiral forward the lining area feeding device through a steel belt surface using glue-containing non-woven cloth layer by layer a continuous winding is made of []

High-quality product (flavour nutritional properties) Maintains product integrity (low levels of crushing and shearing) High energetic efficiency Low fouling levels It can be used in batch or continuous production processes It does not require pump-feeding as it can be loaded by means of worm screw as well as chain- or belt-type bucket

Belt presses automatic filtration with high efficiency Sieve belt presses or belt filters are used to purify both municipal and industrial sludge They have a useful dewatering width of 500 to 3 000 mm with 5 to 15 dewatering rolls